About Us:

EZ Tournament Services was established in June of 2000 by Adam Polly. Before that time we ran various tournaments, since then our business has doubled every year. We now run over 75 tournaments a year in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina, Illinois, Idaho, and the list continues to grow every year. The tournament styles run by EZ range from Youth Tournaments to College Events, from 150 wrestlers all the way up to 1,800 wrestlers, Open Tournaments to League Championships, and even Dual meet Tournaments.


Our purpose here at EZ is to provide the best tournament experience to the competitors, fans, referees, parents, tournament directors, and their staff. In order to do this we expedite the best tournament software on the market.

How it Works:

What we do here is provide services for wrestling tournaments, but this does not exclude other sporting events; we're always open to try out new things. We take the stress off of dealing with brackets, seeding, bout sheets and team scoring at your head table. We'll provide printed off bout sheets, brackets and team scores throughout your event. On top of that we can post real time results on your website or through this website here. Throughout the tournament the brackets will be updated, new bout sheets printed and team scores provided at the end of every round. At the completion you will get a website to link to for the brackets and team scores, we can also provide this on a compact disc for your convenience. You may also retain all the completed bout sheets for yourself as well. If you would like to learn more about our services or to see if we have a date available please feel free to email Adam at apolly@eztourns.com.

Sample Brackets: